Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nintendo Rote - NX Name and Controller Revealed!

And here it is...

Image sources: Akiba-Games, Potomaclocal
Nintendo's upcoming console, Rote (previously code-named NX), will be released in March of 2017. The new and innovative controller features one-handed gameplay in order to reach a wider audience. But that's not all - rather than old-fashioned buttons, the Rote's controller features a rotating "play wheel" through which the players will dial in each input.

This strategic, time-based input functionality is something that interactive entertainment software developers have been requesting for years, but now it will finally be available, exclusively on Nintendo Rote.

During their shareholder meeting on Sunday, Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima expounded on his and the late Satoru Iwata's vision for Rote, saying, 「ロートは絶対にニンテンドーの最低の製品ですが、いつものように我々の愚かな客さんが必ず買うと思います。」
(Translation: "In the past, buttons have been a hindrance to new players due to their split-second speed and potential to be pressed in combination, but thanks to the innovations of Rote, experienced players and first-timers alike will be able to enjoy playing games at the same, slow, pace.")

The Rote controller will be able to accept one input every second or two, though the time between inputs will vary depending on how far around the dial the previous input was.

Each console will come bundled with one controller like the one shown above, and additional controllers can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop for $79.99 each, after which they will be 3D-printed from the console using store-bought bananas as material.

Nintendo's two biggest competitors, Sony and 3DO, have yet to issue an official response to the reveal of the Rote controller.

Stay tuned to What They Call Games for more details as they become available!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016